"Look at the stars and not your feet. Try to give a sense of what you see, and wonder why the universe exists. Be curious"

(Stephen Hawking)




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The C. S. A. expresses its deep sorrow for the untimely death of dr. ssa Ida Colucci, former director of Tg2, and an Honorary Member of our association. We want to remember her in this photo during his participation at our conference in the Hall of the Protomoteca of the Campidoglio in 2018. His extreme professionalism, his competence and attention to the issues most different we will miss very much.






Tuesday 19 February 2019 will be the beginning of our courses. Below give you some dates and times.

date-e-orari-corsi-csaBOOKING is required YOU CAN DO by SENDING AN EMAIL WITH YOUR DATA TO: info@centrostudiastronomici.it ( you will be called back for verification and confirmation )


Clear skies to all






For reasons of transparency, the CSA public, right now, the program that will be carried out by the association in 2019. Everyone will judge our offerings, and decide whether to subscribe and become a part of our wonderful family. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Dear friends, I aspettiamoo for the dinner C. S. A.-Friday, December 14.
Booking is mandatory by email at info@centrostudiastronomici.it

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download the complete program in pdf


15 - 22 - 29 November 2019


Starting from Thursday the 15th of November will start the course of weather that is articulated in 3 sessions-Thursday 1 hour at the registered office at P. zza Perin del Vaga 4 from 20.15 to 21.15 (15 / 22 / 29 November). The total cost is€ 20 for non-members and 10€ for our Members (minimum number of participants 10).

We will cover the topics of meteorology and terrestrial planetary. The participants are not members that wish to become members will have the opportunity to do so at home. the registration fee is € 35.00 for the year 2019. I also remember that the renewal of the card for our Members must be made by 1 December 2018

To participate in these initiatives , since it is a non-profit association, helps to support the CSA in the various commitments that are organised throughout the year, for this reason you are invited, in accordance with the Vs. commitments to participate and, if possible, bring other people who might be interested in our activities.

Anyone interested send as soon as possible his confirmation of participation a:info@centrostudiastronomici.it


OFFICIAL statement, C. S. A.


Dear friends and members, it is with great regret that The C. S. A. Centre for Astronomical Studies – Italy is forced to cancel the event, July 27, at the Castle of Santa Severa on the eclipse of the Moon, for causes independent of his will. Six days after I had the authorization to carry out the event on the Saracen Tower, having carried out the survey, having established the mode of entry, the hours, the cost of the ticket (participation free of charge for the CSA) and the dissemination in various media of the event, unilaterally changed the location relegandoci in an area that is absolutely incompatible with the performance of the same. On request, an explanation to this inappropriate and incomprehensible change, we received a vague answer and absolutely insufficient. At this point, for compared to the huge public that had asked to participate, not being able to produce a demonstration of a professional level as usual, we were forced to cancel the event.

If, as seems to emerge from a first examination, will be assessed as the intervention of third parties, acts to boycott our participation in the C. S. A. will use all the legal instruments and in the appropriate locations to protect the image of the Association and of all its Members.




from 20.30 to 22.45











Saturday 28 April was held in Rome in the prestigious venue of the Sala della Protomoteca at the Capitol was held the II national meeting city of Rome organized by C. S. A. Centre for Astronomical Studies - Italy, titled "Beyond the Earth, in search of life". Gathered together on this occasion astrophysicists, philosophers, theologians, joined by the desire to do a point on the research and the prospects that the discovery of life forms outside of the our planet can offer us. An attempt to answer the question which man it is always the place since ancient times: "We are difficult alone in the Universe?".

After the messages of the host Authorities, the dr. ssa Flavia ButrzanoA councillor for Rome, Simple and dr. ssa Gemma GuerriniThe chairman of the Commission of the Elected women of Rome, Prof. Daniel Mariutto, Secretary-General of the International Academy The constantinian Sciences, intervened by bringing the greetings of the Academy addressed to the Authorities and to the large number of participants and a wish of good work to the speakers at all.

Assessora Roma Semplice dott.ssa Flavia Marzano

Councilor Rome Simple
dr. ssa Flavia Marzano

Presidente della Commissione delle Elette di Roma dott.ssa Gemma Guerrini

The president of the Commission of the Elected women of Rome
dr. ssa Gemma Guerrini











dr. Marco Nicolella filosofo e ricercatore

dr. Mark Nicolella
philosopher and researcher

The task of opening the work of the conference was given to the dr. Mark Nicolellaa philosopher and researcher who, in his intervention explained the concept of "plurality of worlds", whose beginning is traced back since the ancient Greece, a conception according to which the Earth would not be a unique reality inside of our universe: many others, in fact, would be the planets similar to it, all of which contain the ability to host intelligent forms of life.




Prof. Claudio Maccone

Prof. Claudio Maccone

It was followed by the prof. Claudio Maccone, director of the International Academy of Astrounatics of Paris, who presented the equation of Drake, also known as formula of Green Banka mathematical model used to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations existing able to communicate in our galaxy (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence). Drake's equation, as is usually taught, is somewhat “generic” because` never provides of the bars of the errors around the average values of its variables. In 2008, the author has found a way to extend the Statistical, where the error bars are introduced and all the variables involved will become random variables. The fundamental result that one gets is that the number of Extraterrestrial Civilizations communicating in the Galaxy follows the lognormal distribution.


ing. Enrico Ferrone

ing. Henry Ferrone

It was then the turn of Shenanigan Henry Ferrone , an aerospace engineer who has intervened, recalling that the city of Rome saw the birth of the space activities in Italy, with the implementation of the programme of San Marco, the work of the scientists Luigi Broglio, and Charles good morning, and a team to be very effective: the activities of high-technology of human intelligence, that in Italy today have given employment to about 5,000 workers in the only manufacturing sector with a turnover of all respect, in the bed of a river that is changing its skin with a new law on Space and its main activity is scientific and business.




dr. Giorgio Pacifici giornalista del Tg2

dr. Giorgio Pacifici journalist of Tg2

He then took the word of the journalist of TG2 George Pacificthe that has brought her experiences as a reporter and investigator describing the research activities that are taking place on Mars through an unforgettable interview with Nagin Cox, head of the Jet Propulsory Lab at NASA, and showing us some interestingextracts from some of his documentaries on the Red Planet.




Premiazione del direttore del Tg2 Ida Colucci

Award of the director of Tg2 Ida Colucci


The work of the morning were concluded with the awarding of the prestigious "Award for journalism (C. S. A."that is awarded every year to a journalist who, in the previous year
it is most distinguished for his commitment to the spreading of scientific knowledge.
This edition has seen pick up the coveted prize of the dr. ssa Ida Colucci, director of Tg2.


colazione di lavoro alla Terrazza Caffarelli

Working breakfast at the Terrazza Caffarelli

After a working breakfast on the beautiful Terrazza Caffarelli, from the wonderful panorama overlooking the city of Rome, at 15: 00, has resumed work. To open the second session of the conference was dr. Fabrizio Albani, astrophysicist , educator, and President of the C. S. A. In his speech he described the recent extraordinary progress of astronomy in the research of life.

dr. Fabrizio Albani Astrofisico, divulgatore e Presidente del C.S.A.

dr. Fabrizio Albani
Astrophysicist, educator, and President of the C. S. A.

The most advanced space probes are exploring the planets and moons of our Solar System, while huge telescopes and radio telescopes are studying the universe in search of answers and the results of this research are extraordinary. A short trip into the Solar System by analyzing those celestial bodies that they have the three necessary conditions to be able to have an environment that allows for the onset of life at least as we know it: liquid water, organic matter, and a source of energy. In this intervention have been carried out explorations of the martian soil in search of water and microbial life, the possibility that Europa and Enceladus have the great oceans within them, have been revealed in the seas and lakes of methane on the surface of Titan.

Ing. Stelio Montebugnoli

Mr. Stelio Montebugnoli

Then came the ing. Stelio Montebugnoli Inaf enter in the description and the use of new observers that are installed both on the ground and in orbit, which have led to the discovery of more than 3,500 extrasolar planets up to a maximum distance of about 3,000 light-years. . The SETI program, in particular, the search for the existence of any electromagnetic alien. The atmosphere is transparent to electromagnetic waves that come from space, not only in the amateur radio bands and optical, with observers installed on the ground is able to receive signals only on these frequencies. Considering here only the radio band, the very high sensitivity of modern radio telescopes allows us to deal with, even though with great technical difficulties, the search for radio signals may be transmitted by extraterrestrial civilizations. In all of these research Italy is always present, with its scientists and its technologies.

Prof. Giuseppe Tanzella Nitti

Prof. Giuseppe Tanzella Nitti

The prof. Giuseppe Tanzella Nitti, professor of Fundamental Theology at the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross and astrophysicist recalled the figure of father Angelo Secchi, in the bicentenary of his birth, one of the scientific figures that greatly influenced the birth of modern astrophysics, having opened the classification and analysis of the spectra of the electromagnetic of the heavenly bodies which astronomy has obtained the main information about the structure, chemical composition, dynamics and evolution not only of the bodies closest to him, but also to those distributed on a galactic scale and cosmological. Astronomy in Italian, and finally, it must to Dry the birth of his first professional association in the industry, which he founded in 1871, together with Pietro Tacchini, the Society of Spectroscopists Italian”, which decades later will then boot, in the 1920's, the contemporary Italian Astronomical Society.

prof. Enrico Flamini

prof. Enrico Flamini

Concluded the work the prof. Enrico Flamini, world-renowned scientist, who has participated in the most major space programmes of the Italian and international from a position of high responsibility and institutional (laws of ASI, the Italian Space Agency). And thanks to this experience, Flamini was able to describe the frontier of knowledge accumulated in our Country, with analysis and studies of deep-edge programs that have made Italy great among the great.





Beyond Earth: The search for life. And’ this is the title of the second National Conference of the CSA will be held in Rome on the 28th of April 2018. A title challenging but absolutely relevant in the light of the latest discoveries in astronomy and on the eve of complex space missions dedicated to the search for extraterrestrial life. As usual, the CSA sets its events (conventions, conferences, etc.) by proposing a specific topic, approaching them from various points of view, astronomical, historical, philosophical, religious etc., trying to catch the curiosity of the always large audience. Also this year we will try to respond to the many questions that cross your mind of each of us when we observe the sky in a starry night. “We are truly alone in the Universe?” “How could it be life on another planet?” But also “What is life?” A series of industry experts, astrophysicists, astrobiologi, radioastronomi, astronauts, science journalists, philosophers, and religious, will alternate with their relationships, trying to give an answer to many of these questions, in a simple, but comprehensive, correct scientific dissemination, in order to reach the present.
The conference is divided into 2 sessions: morning and afternoon, from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.00 to 18.30 with a break for a working lunch.

The last half hour will be devoted to questions from the audience.
Inside of the event will be given the award for journalism (CSA 2018
to the director of Tg2 Dr. ssa Ida Colucci

The conference will be broadcast on our Web TV and on Facebook



Prof. Claudio Maccone The president of the SETI Committee of the IAA (Paris)

Mr. Stelio Montebugnoli Senior Engineer radio telescopes of Medicina (Bo)

Prof. Cristiano Cosmovici Institute of Astrophysics and Planetology in Space, Rome

Dr. Fabrizio Albani Astrophysicist, President of the C. S. A. (Rome)

Prof. Daniel Mariutto Secretary General International Academy Of Constantine

Prof. Giuseppe Tanzella Nitti Ord. Fundamental Theology Pontifical University Of The Holy Cross

Prof. Enrico Flamini Scientific coordinator of the Italian Space Agency ASI

Dr. Mark Nicolella Philosopher and researcher

Dr. Giorgio Pacifici Journalist at RAI

Mr. Enrico Ferrone Aerospace engineer at Thales Alenia Space




Also this year, the C. S. A. offers a series of courses intended to its Members



During the course we will learn about the constellations of the celestial in-depth.
We will learn their origin and development in the various historical periods, we will discuss aspects of the historical and mythological through the stories and the documents that are there. We'll talk about the stars, the most important of the constellations of the boreal and equatorial, a wide page will be dedicated to the southern sky, we will know their physical characteristics.For each constellation, we will learn the most important objects (nebulae, clusters, etc)


The use of the PC in archaeoastronomy
The typical errors of the study an
Easter island
Archaeoastronomy and Nazi Ahnenerbe etc.)




A brief history of
The atmosphere
Atmospheric phenomena
Atmospheric disturbances
Air masses and Fronts
An exciting trip to the science that studies the earth's atmosphere and its properties



Visit the page of ACTIVITIES for the information


The stars finally available to students in competition the victims of the earthquake.

The Town of Casamicciola, has strongly wanted this event, and the CSA has joined with

enthusiasm to this initiative. Meetings in schools and visits to the fantastic planetarium.

Merry Christmas..... under the stars....




The first meeting of the national SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) at the National Institute for Astrophysics (INAF). The discovery of new extrasolar planets similar to our Earth makes us believe even more we are not alone in the universe. The C. S. A. was represented by our president.




Saturday 9 December 2017


               THE STARS AND STORIES
Viale Lincoln 3 - ROMA (zona EUR)

0re 15.45 - 18.30




In the splendid setting of the hall of the Opus Sectile in the Museum of the High middle Ages the EUR will speak about astronomy and not only.
Still a great initiative of the CSA.
Where there is science and culture are always present.

We are waiting for you as always.

The ticket office is at the adjacent National Museum of prehistory and Ethnography Luigi Pigorini
Finally released the travel programs for the first half of 2018
Download the brochure in the section "TRAVEL"
In the splendid setting of the "Short Franca Footgolf" ( area Torrempietra) Saturday, the 28th of October will take place an evening observing organized by the C. S. A. Centre for Astronomical Studies-Italy and Rigel Astronomy. This event requires a buffet, suitable for vegetarians and vegans, an observation telescope, and a description of the sky.

The cost of the buffet is€ 15 per personam children up to 5 years 8 €

It is mandatory for the booking!!!!!
For information and reservations, call us at 342 030 7630 (Corte Franca), at 06 50796659 (Rigel Astronomy) or 335 6296920 (CSA-Italy)

In the event of adverse weather conditions the event will be postponed

For those who want it will be possible to subscribe to the C. S. A., Italy and receive the card (valid for 1 calendar year by paying the membership fee of € 35 (adult), 15€ (children under 18 years of age) that allows members to participate in all social activities.

New Members will be given the brooch CSA



You can bring your own telescopes



 the coordinates for Google to reach the website: https://goo.gl/maps/93qft1fixSL2




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