ExoMars: a lesson to learn




ExoMars: a lesson to learn

Too many fools who give opinions without knowing the factthe
of Henry Ferrone



How many things have been said on the european probe ExoMars launched for the exploration of Mars: someone has ensured that media coverage of the kind would have been unthinkable in Italy, if only everything had worked out. But no, according to the most uninformed, and that, honestly, they are also the most deficient, how would you describe our friend and colleague of The Indro Gabriele Rovere; for our part, we learn of the ExoMars programme 2016 only from qualified sources, leaving scroll through rumours and fake reviews. However, with the possible modesty, affirm that there are still many hypotheses on the signal that has not made its way to the end of the descent module, Schiaparelli, and, with reasonable certainty, the last part of the mission is not ended. "For as the hope is always the last to die, there is hope limited to be affected by the lander Schiaparelli"he said initially, the spokesperson of the European Space Agency Franco Bonacina, adding that mission scientists are studying a huge quantity of data and the analysis are in full swing.

Let us arm ourselves with a bit of patience and try to understand what agitates the hungry wolves of defeats to which we are to give honestly of the answers, but rather questions about their irony out of place.

The lander would have had to perch at the end of a run of a million kilometres of high-speed – from 42.000 km/h to a speed of zero, and met with the to 21,000 km/h with the first layers of the martian atmosphere – has been named with the name of an astronomer, and engineer of Italian because Giovanni Virginio Schiaparelli identified for the first of the geological formations on the planet Mars. The surveys have taken place since 1877, with the tools that you imagine there might be a few years of the declaration of the unity of our Country. Only for a linguistic error due to the lightness of those who translated his memoirs, between these the american astronomer Percival Lowell was misunderstood the meaning of his research and in the America he left the fantasy that the planet was inhabited by intelligent beings. Giovanni Schiaparelli has never suspected, and his notes are even now a model of scientific rigour, impartially certified by theThe Accademia dei Lincei, of which he was a part. Who made stupid sarcasm on a name that probably lends itself to some distortion, go and do some research. Maybe only on the internet so will not cost you a penny.

But the lander has not sent the signal ammartaggio. And it's true. The call was lost shortly before the vehicle touched the ground prefigured after – reports Ansa – had been correctly received by the radio telescope Gmrt (Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope), located in Pune, India but according to Paolo Ferri director of flight operations of the missions of the Esa, the contact was interrupted when there was a little less than a minute to arrive on the ground. As we know, the system might have crashed at a speed of 300 km/h while coming down from a height of between two and four kilometres. Exploded in the impact? Premature to say it, and with the same modesty declared earlier inviteremmo readers the utmost caution. There are too many factors competing in a mission that is so complex to make room for their own prejudices.

According to the Esa, the size of relatively extended spot that corresponds to the point of descent of Schiaparelli may correspond to the lifting of the surface material, but these interpretations preliminaries that will have to be confirmed by further analysis.

The visibility of the incident was given by the probe Mro (Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter) image showing two dark spots: the parachute and the contact area, which would be five kilometres to the west of the point where Schiaparelli would have had to touch the ground. The frame was taken from the room the Ctx that has the resolution of six meters per pixel, rather than low, according to some strategic requirements. Are expected more details in the next week, when the probe Mro will fly over the same area and the airline in question will be photographed by the chamber of high resolution HiRISE.

Then there is also the fact that during the descent, the system transmitted a lot of information to land bases: the control centre to Darmstadt they arrived 600 megabytes data that instruments have recorded during the descent. So the Esa he does not speak of failure: Schiaparelli is a technology demonstrator with the task of test implants placed in the field for landing. The director of operations in planetary of the european agency Andrea Accomazzo he said: "From the engineering point of view these data are exactly what we wanted". The surveys will be critical for the next phase of the ExoMars mission to study the feasibility of the landing of the rover. It is evident that there is much to do and surely you will do it.

Of course, the recordings submitted are complex and require processing very challenging. For this reason, the uncertainties are largely justified. Provided that you have a desire to understand it and not fool around too much on the work of technicians and engineers across Europe are putting up a mission of the highest technology in the net challenge with the undisputed quality american.


And speaking of the United States, this unexpected event should give pause to those who promised to send crews to the human on the Red Planet. Still, the technology does not live a state of maturity to ensure maximum safety of loads so precious. But it is true and we have already written: the americans have in mind by the time they reach Mars, put there your banner. However, 5 November 1964, launching the Mariner 3 all americans saw clouding their dreams because the protective cover of the probe does not succeed to open itself, but none on the New Continent, marveled and joked on the capacity of the own apparatus of research. And even there were too many jokes after the failure in 1992 of the orbiter Mars Observer in fact only when Nasa launched the Mars Global Surveyor 7 November 1996, was the first successful mission of the United States in two decades and the first success achieved. But after it happened the positives that have filled many chronicles, there was another series of failures for the achievement of Mars: the japanese orbiter Nozomi, Mars Climate Orbiter, the Mars Polar Lander and Deep Space 2 Nasa are the examples of how to collect the failures, some glaring, such as an incorrect planning of the systems of measurement, without falling in the ridiculous. And’ the risk of those who make things and the willingness of those who remain at the window to observe how the gossip of the province.

Because maybe that's the point. For years we have been accustomed to in Italy, but the defect is dilagandosi, to criticize everyone and everything, regardless of knowledge and knowledge. Is a farcical comment on the events with the dangerous amplification of a network that was given in meal to the citizens without any educational or social. The result is that there are too many people who consider themselves in the conditions and in the ability to evaluate a sports event like the manner of an event of geopolitical or health research, technological or financial. And so, shooting at zero on everything, you lose all credibility in its claims and the entire context in which you develop the facts. It is a lightness very serious which might be limited by a read qualified of the topics to be treated by avoiding hasty statements of the ignorant. And, to quote the voice of our colleague before appointed, also deficient.


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